Social Innovation, Cities and Public Policy


March 24, 2015
h. 10.00
Quartiere Intelligente
Scala Montesanto 3, Naples

Social Innovation, Cities and Public Policy
SEiSMiC National Network Meeting

Following three focus groups, the inaugural meeting of the Italian Network SEiSMiC held in Rome on July 14, 2014, and of the European Launching Event in Brussels on November 25 and 26, the SEiSMiC in Italy continues with a meeting based on three working groups aimed at deepening the themes identified in previous meetings: collaborative mapping, the path to new urban economies and civic monitoring of public services. The working groups will meet in different and differently significant locations in the city of Naples, which will be reached on foot (walking groups) from the space where the event will be opened and where the afternoon plenary will take place.

9:30 a.m.
Dipartimento di Architettura (via Forno Vecchio 3)
Institutional Greetings Introduction (Cittalia)

10:00 a.m.
Walking Groups
Each walking group will be led by a coordinator and opened by a keynote speaker who will introduce the discussion topics. Each working group will be asked to answer some questions and identify common operational paths. The results of the working groups will be reported by the coordinators in short opening remarks in the afternoon plenary meeting.

  • Collaborative Mapping (presso il Dipartimento di Architettura)
    • Coordinates: Ilaria Vitellio (MappiNa)
    • Keynote: Alex Giordano (Centro Studi di Etnografia Digitale)
  • New urban economies (presso CleaNap, Piazzetta del Nilo, 7)
    • Coordinates: Nora Inwinkl (Sapienza Università di Roma)
    • Keynote: Agostino Riitano (Doppiozero)
  • Civic monitoring and civic hacking (presso Quartiere Intelligente, Scala Montesanto 3)
    • Coordinates: Daniela Vellutino (Università di Salerno, Diritto di Accesso Civico);
    • Keynote: Pasquale Popolizio (Stati Generali dell’Innovazione)

3:00 p.m.
Plenaria (presso Dipartimento di Architettura)
The plenary assembly, starting with the outcomes of the working groups, will address the relationship between social innovation, governance and urban policies. This is the topic of discussion at SEiSMiC's first European forum to be held in Brussels on April 20, 2015, during which the outcomes of the meetings of the 10 national networks will be reported to key players in urban research and policy in Europe (European Commission, CoR, JPI Urban Europe, European Urban Research Alliance).

Confirmed interventions:

  • Alessandra Clemente (Councillor for Youth Policy, Creativity and Innovation, City of Naples)
  • Mario Losasso (Director Department of Architecture University Federico II)
  • Pasquale Granata (ANCI Campania Director)
  • Christian Iaione (LabGov-Luiss Scientific Director)
  • Stefano Consiglio (Professor of Business Organization, Federico II University)
  • Elena Guidorzi (Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services)
  • Soraya Zanardo (Eurocities)
  • Paolo Testa (Cittalia Research Director)

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