A cultural center and urban laboratory of innovative practices with 1,000sqm of indoor space and a large garden, the Smart Neighborhood opens to the city in 2013 to contribute to the construction of the ecological and digital metropolis, implement new models of sustainable development and experiment with the most advanced forms of art that are generated in the relationship with the urban sphere. 

The Smart Neighborhood is an activating space for micro-dynamic design, social and economic practices that look at the new urban ecology. QI activities include all those practices committed to improving the cultural and biological quality of the city, generating new eco-sustainable economies. A project designed to transform a degraded but strategic and central corner of the city into an outpost of the smart, inclusive and sustainable city of the future. The Smart Neighborhood is the place to experiment with different declinations of the ecological city, working between citizens, companies and institutions, popularizing a new environmental and technological culture, sensitive to the issues of recycling, energy saving, sharing economy, and contemporary artistic research.


Located at the foot of San Martino hill, the gateway to the historic center, the Montesanto district is an important urban mobility node, where in less than a square kilometer the subway, the Cumana railway, a funicular, and a few hundred meters away the new Line 1 with its art stations converge. Every day thousands of people cross this space, coming from all over the region, to go to work, school, and shopping.

In this dense neighborhood full of human and social mixity, of a market with an incessant swarming, of students and professors, artisans and informal activities, lies the Smart Neighborhood.

Hidden between a grand monumental staircase and a cluttered building curtain marking the edge of the neighborhood, where an urban interstice is revealed, an undecided area, a small hidden appendage of the city. In an old disused factory, a small glove factory, a memory of a manufacturing tradition in which Naples has excelled. The QI is based in these places, where popular culture and customs mingle with the people of different ethnic groups who now share the spaces of the lower city and have become an integral part of it, with the incessant flow of goods and people passing through it daily. The QI is at the center of this urbanity, hidden around a forgotten corner, with nearly 1,000 square meters of covered spaces and a wonderful garden, a new engine of urban regeneration for the entire neighborhood, an attractor/activator of practices: ecological, cultural, participatory.


Associazione Montesanto 3 is a non-profit association established in 2013 with educational, training, informational and promotional purposes. In particular, the Montesanto 3 Association promotes and protects in the best interest of citizens and members, the development and implementation of projects aimed at raising community awareness of all forms of environmentally sustainable development.