Q.I. BIO & Q.I. REUSE Markets

Mercatino intelligente 2017

Naples as Portobello. The city's first Bio Flea-market is born in Montesanto on the initiative of the Q.I. Quartiere Intelligente, which has been working on the Filangieri's monumental stairs with urban regeneration projects since June 2013.

Changing the pace and face of the city is possible.
Our intent is to energetically begin to change the way we understand our local area, to learn together about the qualities and resources around us. We need to show that the eco-friendly approach is an everyday practice, enhances communal living and being well while also treating the environment well.
In the urban garden of the Q.I., we can create a corner of restless, eco-chic taste that synthesizes style and the pleasure of socializing. A fun encounter-between art, culture, and conviviality-that allows people to learn about local specialties.

"Crudle to crudle" is our philosophy: to adopt a method of consumption based on the pleasure of revaluing discarded objects, giving them a new function. Customizing, repurposing, interpreting in one's own way: this is what we call Reuse, the most practical, intelligent, economical and "green" system of respecting the environment.

Q.I. BIO promotes the exchange of organic and environmentally friendly products, giving organic farms the opportunity to put themselves on the map and expand their sales network. Our interest is to build a sustainable network between producers, consumers and the territory by promoting the principles of short supply chain, critical and conscious consumption. Km0 in our region is a sensitive issue, we are looking for fresh, healthy and certified products, without intermediaries. Q.I. BIO firmly believes in the enhancement and popularization of organic farming practices and in general of a virtuous and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Q.I. RIUSO is based on a simple and environmentally friendly principle: reuse. Marketing, recycling, selling and buying second-hand items remains the most practical, intelligent, economical and "green" way of respecting the environment.QI Re-Use is perfect place where the desire to give away or the need to get rid of items that are no longer new, meets with the desire to buy used things or vintage items.

Everything is marked by reuse, creative recycling and respect for the environment.


  • Saturday, November 9, 2013
  • Saturday, December 23, 2013
  • Saturday, December 7, 2013
  • Saturday, December 14, 2013
  • Saturday, December 21, 2013

Q.I for Christmas recycles your used items (in good condition) to re-donate them to children in the Montesanto neighborhood.
A solidarity Christmas tree. will be set up in the Q.I. garden during the three December dates, under which each of you can deposit your gift package. A kind anti-crisis gesture to make your Christmas Smart.

For the December 7 date, the protagonist is not Organic but Proximity Food, the safe and certified Km 0.
It is the quality of the products that is the concept behind our research, not saving money at all costs. Quality means healthy and fresh products, tastes typical of a territory and of non-massified micro-productions and respect for those who work there. We are visited by a small group of independent producers under the Cortocircuito Flegreo association, a guarantee of taste, dedication and authenticity.

You can delight in the products prepared especially for you by our Agricultural Producers, while sipping a glass of Organic wine, a natural fruit juice.

In the I.Q. building, a creative photography workshop for children, PhotoMade by me, led by Roberta Fuorvia, will be held in conjunction with the Market!
You can enjoy the market at your own pace without leaving the children at home, who will meanwhile spend time with us with the goal of becoming great photographers in the future!
Recommended ages 5 to 10 years.
Promotional cost: 10 euros - Reservation required - duration 75 minutes

Do you want to get rid of clothes accumulated since the last season change? Do you have empty pockets but an overwhelming desire to treat yourself to something new? Do you want to look for a great pair of 80s neon skates or a Beatles vinyl for your cousin? Are you running out of ideas and tokens for those infamous Christmas gifts?
For those who want to turn into a MERCHANT FOR A DAY..the alternative is there.
Within the Bio-Reuse Market in the Smart Neighborhood Garden, on Dec. 7, 14 and 21, a large shared table will be dedicated to selling or bartering used items.

The work in progress needs collective work: help us support our project that aims to regenerate our city in line with other European metropolises. The Flea- market should become a landmark, a fixed appointment, a guarantee of quality, entertainment and discussion.

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