Digital design and digital fabrication


Registration is now open for the first two digital design and digital fabrication workshops organized by Urban Fab Lab at the Q.I.

Basic level: March 14

Advanced level: March 27 - 28

Standard rates

60 € + vat - single basic workshop

100 € + iva – singolo workshop advanced


10% discounts for those who purchase the full package and make payment within 7 days of the workshop start date.

Urban FabLab finally arrives in the heart of the city with the initiative Feeding Napoli which will take place in the coming months at the Q.I. with a look at public spaces in the historic center and Spanish quarters.

Feeding Napoli Aims to "feed" the city through meetings and small prototypes site-specific able to promote new ways of self-production by developing a series of projects on urban ecology issues.

L’iniziativa comprende una ciclo di workshop di digital design e fabbricazione digitale, the implementation of an environmental installation, Hydro_Structures and the implementation of a self-construction Summer School.

Courses will follow a periodic schedule and will be divided into basic level (for beginners) and advanced level (for a more experienced audience).

I workshop basic will introduce the basic concepts and software for digital modeling aimed at the stampa 3D.

I workshop advanced will be aimed at those who know the basic tools and will be aimed at the development and 3D printing of eco-sustainable prototypes.

For info and program:

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