3. L'orto oggi (1)

In the space dedicated to the creation of the urban garden, crops were planted using the "consociative" method (using vegetable species that benefit each other when grown in the same plot) so as not to use chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

GARDEN - Quartiere Intelligente

In the space dedicated “Qi Orto”, educational, playful and training activities are planned to be offered to adults and children:

  • Natural cultivation of organic and/or 0-km produce according to the techniques of synergistic garden, traditional garden and box garden
  • Educational garden: theoretical and practical activities to explain to children the birth of a garden, from seed to fruit.
  • Lessons for schoolchildren: including one part in the classroom and one part in the garden.
  • Food and environmental education workshops
  • Summer camps: entire days dedicated to the little ones with fun and educational activities.
  • Events
  • Courses for adults: tips and tricks for learning how to establish a vegetable garden in the city.
  • Social garden for the elderly in the neighborhood.

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