"At the Gates of Hades - Mythological Contaminations."


Debate at the Quartiere Intelligente 

Edited by MAF Association

The initiative is part of the artistic-photographic workshop "From Mythology to Contemporaneity through our Gaze," created by Neapolitan photographer Adelaide Di Nunzio. Archaeology, photography, philosophy and musicology will merge into a single discipline to elaborate symbols and rituals of Greco-Roman Neapolis. 

Speakers will include Filippo Vosa - Mythology, Adelaide Di Nunzio - Photography, Simona Fedi - Archaeology, Raffaella Barbato - Performance Languages, Roberto Cerenza - Philosophy, Claudio D'Errico - Musicology and Stefano Perna - Sound Interferences. The debate on myths and contaminations completes the work carried out by the cultural association "M.A.F. - Mythos, Art and Photo" in the artistic-photographic workshop. The initiative involved the students in an artistic journey to enhance the mythology and archaeological heritage of the city of Naples. The students, through photography, elaborated the myths of Dionysus, Parthenope, Apollo and Mithras in places - symbol of the city of Naples, from Posillipo to the historic center,passing through Lake Avernus. "M.A.F. - Mythos,Art and Photo" is an initiative of the project "Naples Young City: young people build the future of the City," carried out under the Local Youth Plans - Metropolitan Cities, promoted and supported by the Department of Youth - Presidency of the Council of Ministers and ANCI - National Association of Italian Municipalities.

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