PETIT CIRCUS NAPOLITAINE A show of yesteryear.


PETIT CIRCUS NAPOLITAINE is a traveling project/performance. A circular space (a runway?) where the artist performs by offering his or her own "number" of dance, music or theater and an "unstable musical band" accompanies or underscores the performance.

The show is structured just like a circus show, with a series of heterogeneous and ever-changing numbers that follow one another and often merge, somewhere between the circus and the café chantant:a reinterpretation of the vaudeville that marked the golden age of variety in the 1930s.

The repertoire is that of Neapolitan theater and music filtered through the flavors and colors of the circus. It is a show that is renewed and regenerated day by day, evening by evening in the square, on the street, in the theater, under a tent, in a churchyard, wherever there is space to accommodate PETIT CIRCUS NAPOLITAINE. An imaginative world, not without dark corners what opens up in PETIT CIRCUS NAPOLITAINE that recovers a "healthy" way of doing circus without involving animals.

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