FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano The Q.I final leg of the FAI MARATHON


On Sunday, Oct. 13, the more than 1,000 people who participated in the 2013 FAI MARATHON gathered in the Q.I. Garden, the marathon's final stop.

- The informal group STORYTELLERS has been engaged in play-educational activities for children for years, proposing a new way of looking at storybooks and salvaged objects, these with the help of imagination can become fun games and socializing moments.

On the occasion of the "FAI MARATHON" on Sunday, Oct. 13, they will awaken the imagination of older children by offering a creative recycling workshop. Plastic bottles, caps and colors will be able to give life to unexpected, useful and unique objects.

  • MOTHER NATURE BIO, an organic store in the Old Town, will sponsor 150 seedlings for the garden made in a bottle.

- A photograph to remind you that any simple bottle can be recycled and become something else? Strike a pose with your own little creation and keep the portrait with your new bottle garden...

By liking the Q.I. page, you can download your photo from the album dedicated to the event you attended. 

Keep the memory of this day and pose for us in the dedicated photo set you will find at Q.I. curated by ROBERTA FUORVIA.

Roberta Fuorvia, a photographer by profession, has been developing a focus on a handcrafted post-production technique and composition of photographic elements with recycled materials for the past few years.

From this idea come creative photography workshops for children and youth, starting this year also at the Smart Neighborhood, titled PHOTOMADE BY ME! to educate young children in the intelligent and artistic use of materials.

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