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ATLAS 01 is an event organized by MAO Media & Arts Office ONLUS in collaboration with Quartiere Intelligentee with the special participation of New Technologies for Art (NTA) Course Academy of Fine Arts of Naples

Come si partecipa ads ATLAS
The presentation and discussion workshop is designed to blur the line between audience and presenting actors, between listening and participation. Four levels of participation overlap and intersect with each other in the event space:
I) the visions, experiences and practices of the artists, thinkers, theorists and activists invited to speak are the starting point for developing the different conceptual and discussion trajectories that will animate the days;
II) the "provocateurs," cultural actors invited because of their familiarity with the topics discussed, are called upon to continually overturn points of view and fuel dialogue on the content and ideas emerging in the various panels;
III) the audience (participant) is invited to take part in the discussion and generate "disturbances" and stimuli that can evolve the ATLAS dialogues in unexpected ways;
IV) finally, the facilitators/agitators, in the figure of the four project curators, have the task of keeping the discussion alive, preventing the sudden emergence of unexpected trajectories from causing the specificity of individual focuses to be lost sight of, and fostering broader audience involvement.

Friday, December 13
Vito Campanelli, Danilo Capasso, Alessandra Cianelli, Francesco Quarto.
Provocatori della giornata: Iain Chambers, Lidia Curti, Adriana De Manes, Celeste Ianniciello, Maria Giovanna Mancini, Domenico Mennillo,  Leandro Pisano,
Lorenzo Romito, Aurora Spinosa, Stefano Taccone, Angela Tecce.

h 16.00 - Greetings and reception

h 16.30 – Galleria Occupata
Galleria Occupata is an association intent on experimenting with new practices in the production of artistic and theoretical research.
tags: new economies, cultural systems, contemporary art.
Speakers: Enrico Aresu, Maria Hélène Bertino, Alessandra Ferlito, Alessandro Gagliardo.

5:30 p.m. - Bianco - Valente
Uncommon Places - Bianco-Valente artists present their latest experiences in interacting with public space and participation.
tags:public art, participatory practices, contemporary art, art and social engagement.
intervengono: Giovanna Bianco, Angela Tecce, Pino Valente.

6:30 p.m. - Barbed Heart
A project curated by Cyop & Kaf
tags: art and public space, activism.
Speakers: Riccardo Rosa and Luca Rossomando (NapoliMonitor).

Video projections
h 20.00 -Quore Spinato
di Cyop & kaf (2012)
Visual notes from the Spanish quarters (20 min.)

Dinner and musical afterlounge
8:30 pm - Traditional local dishes cooked with organic products.
Ambient soundscaping by Ibtaba.

Saturday, December 14
Moderators/Actors: Vito Campanelli, Danilo Capasso, Alessandra Cianelli, Francesco Quarto.
Provocateurs of the day: Alfonso Amendola, Lidia Curti, Lucio Iaccarino, Andrea Miconi, Adriana Rispoli, Lorenzo Romito.

3:30 p.m. - Smart Neighborhood
An urban and cultural regeneration project for the neighborhood and the city.
tags: smart city, ecologia, bioarchitettura, rigenerazione urbana, arte pubblica, microeconomie locali.
Speakers: Aldo Capasso, Cristina Di Stasio, Arturo Lafratta, Adriana Rispoli.
h 16.30 – Snap Shooters: L’evoluzione del gesto fotografico
di Vito Campanelli e Marco Cadioli
A crowdfunding book project, theoretical and visual research
On the evolution of the photographic gesture;.
tags: gesto fotografico, filosofia della fotografia, crowdfunding.
Speakers: Alfonso Amendola, Antonio Biasiucci, Vito Campanelli.

5:30 p.m. - Limen. A state of possibility
by Danilo Capasso
Photographic project on residual spaces.
tags: urban photography, rites of passage, landscape, residual spaces.
Speakers: Antonio Biasiucci, Danilo Capasso, Iain Chambers.

6:30 p.m. - Spazi Docili
Public art project conceived and curated by Christian Costa and Fabrizio Ajello.
tags: urban practices, public art, landscape, architecture, design, recycling, reuse, regeneration.
Speakers: Christian Costa, Lorenzo Romito.

h 19.30 - Dettofatto Rudere Project
DettoFatto is a collective of young professionals involved in the design and construction of microarchitecture, staging, furniture, set design and collective construction workshops.
tags:urban practices, public art, landscape, architecture, design, recycling, reuse, regeneration.
Speakers: Luigi Greco, Lorenzo Romito.

Video projections
h 20.00 – Detropia
By Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady
2012 - 85 min - English language

Dinner and closing party
h 21.30 - Traditional local dishes cooked with organic products
h 22.30 - Dj set by Danylo

13 e 14 dicembre

Live media
Media Integration by New Technologies for Art - Academy of Fine Arts Naples.
Per NTA: Piero Gatto, Franz Iandolo, Maria Giovanna Mancini, Adriana De Manes, Salvatore Manzi, Pasquale Napolitano, Veronica Nasti, Stefano Perna.
Live streaming on Ustream (web address will be available soon).

General strike in Naples
Edited by Alessandra Ferlito

edited by Dom Barra (
by Paolo Buggiani
Paradigm of the need for change. The three ecologies
reading/performance by Alessandra Cianelli and Beatrice Ferrara
Story counter
Sung drafting of the day's topics
Edited by Vincenzo De Vita

ATLAS 01 – Open publishing contest
Open and participatory editorial drafting
Coordinated by Alessandra Ferlito
Workshop drafting, open to public input, interacting with actors and happenings of the two days, to absorb from the life of the event itself the content that will later shape a tabloid-format print publication.
To apply to join the editorial team, please write to:

Free and free admission

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