The Goethe-Institut Neapel and visitBerlin, in collaboration with Quartiere Intelligente

Berlin 365/24, the metropolis that never sleeps, is the star of an evening under the stars with cinema, popcorn and music, in the setting of the fascinating Smart Quarter. Introducing the evening will be Anja Mikulla (head of VISITBERLIN, Berlin's tourism age-nice), who will tell us about the places of culture and film sets in the German capital. This will be followed by a screening of the silent film Menschen am Sonntag (Sunday People) made by Robert Siodmaknel 1929 in collaboration with Samuel (Bil-ly!) Wilder.

Shot with nonprofessional actors and thus breaking the traditional patterns of 1920s filmmaking, the film expresses the joie de vivre of two boys and two girls on an anonymous Sunday spent together at the Wannsee, one of the lakes in the Berlin belt. Visitors can watch the screening open-airsitting along the beautiful Montesanto monumental staircase, munching on the famous Berlin popcorn, courtesy of the KNALLE manufacture, and enjoying a cool Berlin beer sponsored by BRLO. 

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