"Mercatino Intelligente"

Mercatino intelligente 2017

Mercatino Intelligente DECEMBER 9, 2017

Quartiere Intelligente, an urban regeneration project founded in 2013 in the historic center of Naples, presents Q.I. LE GIORNATE DEL RIUSO, a flea market of second-hand, handicraft, modern and vintage goods on a regular basis, organized by the Quartiere Intelligente on the monumental Montesanto staircase in collaboration with the 2nd Municipality. An appointment, which will develop as an event, with exhibitors, musicians, artists and street food, to bring citizens back to experience the staircase. Within the Quartiere Intelligente activities and workshops for adults and children, music and organic brunch were planned at the same time. On Youtube by searching for "Spring Smart & Mercatino" you will find the video of the first event held on Sunday, April 23, which counted 1,800 attendees throughout the day. Our intent is to energetically begin to change the way we understand our local area, learning together about the qualities and resources that surround us.

Indeed, we need to show that the eco-friendly approach is an everyday practice, enhances communal living and being well while also treating the environment well. On the Montesanto staircase we can create together a tasteful, eco-chic corner that synthesizes style and the pleasure of socializing. A fun encounter-between art, culture and conviviality-that allows people to learn about local specialties.

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