Primavera Intelligente 2017

Primavera intelligente 2017


As part of the urban regeneration project of the QUARTIERE INTELLIGENTE on Sunday, April 23, the spaces of the I.Q. and the monumental stairs of Montesanto will host the Market dedicated to modernariat, vintage, crafts and design.Q.I. LE GIORNATE DEL RIUSO, this is the name of the market, is based on a simple and ecological principle: reuse. Marketing, recycling, selling and buying second-hand objects remains the most practical, intelligent, economical and "green" way of respecting the environment.A fixed appointment, initially monthly, that will develop as a real event, with exhibitors, musicians, artists and street food, to bring citizens back to experience the scale.

Along with the reuse days, the primavera intelligente event will be held inside the Q.I, with urban garden and creative recycling la-boratories for children ages 3 to 12, yoga classes for adults, music, brunch & appetizer. "With the Q.I activities, we try to show that the eco-friendly approach can be an everyday practice." The Q.I. Market is an ongoing project with the goal of bringing life, mo-vement and culture to the Montesanto staircase. The location is strategic: at the foot of the staircase is the most important inter-zonal rail junction: the Cumana, Metropolitana and Funicular allow for fa- easy accessibility from every side of the city. The goal is to make "Le Giornate del Riuso "a weekly event, an event with a fixed cadence would ensure the continuity needed to reintegrate the staircase into the real city topography, for the urban regeneration project of the Naples staircase, making the monumental staircase of the Filangieria tasteful, eco-chic corner that synthesizes style and the pleasure of socializing. A fun encounter-between art, culture and conviviality-a work-in-progress project that bi-needs collective work: help us support our project that aims to regenerate our city in line with other European metropolises. "Q.I. Days of Reuse" should become a landmark, an event of quality, fun and discussion.

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