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Napolismart city starts from Montesanto. Citizens, professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and associations together for urban regeneration. Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23 opening in progress

NAPLES - On Saturday, June 22, the challenge of QI Quartiere Intelligente, a pilot project for the regeneration and reuse of urban spaces according to the principles of smart cities, starts in Montesanto. On the first stretch of Montesanto's monumental staircase, a small iron gate gives access to what today looms as a yard of ideas and projects that will soon be an articulate container of cognitive capital production and not just a place of consumption. A garden, an old factory and a building dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, together with stairs, make up the spaces of the Smart Neighborhood. The project was born some time ago from the idea of investing in an area that is as fascinating as it is neglected in the city with the collaboration of Neapolitan intellectuals and urban planners. Quartiere Intelligente wants to be a place of experimentation and a model of sustainable urban development: it aims at ecological quality, understood not only as waste recycling, energy efficiency, use of renewable sources and bio-sustainable materials; but also experimentation of good practices, capable of influencing and modifying in a positive way behaviors and ways of living the neighborhood and the city. From Saturday, June 22, a first part of the Quartiere Intelligente will be open, namely the garden with an urban and educational vegetable garden and a part of the building where the boards of the project that will be the main theme of an international conference next September will be exhibited. Given the location of the QI, the space becomes a permanent laboratory of the regeneration and enhancement of the more than 200 Neapolitan stairways, which is why the project adheres to the Naples Stairway Recovery Coordination.

"QI Intelligent Neighborhood was created to become a communal workshop, an urban platform for cooperation and production of culture and technological and intangible infrastructure", explains Cristina Di Stasio, president of the QI Association and creator of the project; "it will be a place where research, creation and exhibition activities are carried out and promoted in the fields of eco-sustainable architecture, zero-impact urban planning, clean energy, ecological fuel, and decorative and visual arts, design, handicrafts, industrial production, fashion, and audiovisual communication that create products whose reuse is already known".

The opening of Q.I. is entirely experimental and is a work in progress: on Saturday June 22 through Sunday June 23 with a series of initiatives the space will be open and usable to the public. Scheduled activities include a market dedicated to reuse and organic products set up on the stairs (Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), the visual art installation Untitled - Studio per un ritratto di Giovanni Giarretta curated by Adriana Rispoli (Saturday from 8:30 p.m.) and the traveling show from the Pedamentina to the Scala di Montesanto "Come l'acqua che scorre" (Like flowing water) curated by Lo Sguardo che Trasforma (Sunday at 11:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.) with a sustainable aperitif at sunset in the garden. In addition, as early as Friday 21 and then on Saturday and Sunday in the Q.I. garden there will be Michele Iodice's Migrazioni per formance involving the public in the construction of a giant nest with waste materials from the pruning of the surrounding areas (reservations required by writing

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