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The coordination promotes all suitable initiatives for the realization of the recovery and restoration of the Naples stairways and steps, hoping for understandings and collaborations with the City of Naples, the Municipalities concerned and the Superintendencies.v

In order to recover the pedestrian paths of Naples' stairways, these must become spaces for social and urban gathering.

The coordination is open to all associations, professionals, and citizens who wish to make a concrete contribution to the recovery of the livability of Naples starting precisely from the stairs of each Municipality.

Promoter of the Coordination:

Legambiente/Neapolis 2000

Founders of the Coordination:

Legambiente /Neapolis 2000, Legambiente Parco Letterario del Vesuvio, Lo Sguardo che Trasforma, Cittadinanza AttivaProloco Capodimonte, Kyme Archaeological Group, L'Orto Consapevole, Comitato Pedamentina, Quartiere Intelligente - Montesanto 3, Associazione Vianova, WWF Italia - Naples Section

They have joined:

Associazione Napoletana Beni Culturali, Econote, Locus Iste - Places and Memory, Iocisto la libreria di tutti, SciòNapoli, AppTripper

Twinned with:

Pozzuoli Stairs Coordination established in December 2014

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