Q.I. LAB 2014

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Cycles of workshops chosen and designed with special attention to environmental issues and environmentally sustainable solutions, both in the themes, procedures and materials used, the latter all of which are non-toxic, recycled and recyclable.

SATURDAYS IN THE GARDEN with Mom and Dad: GiocORTO by AgriGiochiAmo.

Practical tests, games and agriculture workshops will take "agriplayers" divided into teams to learn about vegetables and typical products and understand the concepts of seasonality, respect for the 'environment and proper nutrition. From week to week we will take care of the 'vegetable garden, hoeing, sowing, planting, mulching, creating garden stakes, scarecrows, and everything else needed to tend and care for the garden.

AMBIENTART eco-sustainable art workshops, for children by The Factory of Little Artists

The Factory's intense activity aims to support the natural and happy creativity of young children and their daily need for new discoveries, synchronous with the present.

The art workshops pioneered by the Factory, investigate the theories and techniques of the last centuries of Art History with an unacademic approach. The creative experience is completely democratic and in its free unfolding proves to be the perfect complement to any kind of discipline.

The moment of making work is the defining formative datum in the Factory experience: the child begins to familiarize himself with what is the planning necessary to arrive at a choral product, that is, he measures time, punctuates it with the various stages of work and defines the boundaries of self and other.

In the constant discovery of differences and their exaltation, the Factory seeks to create a cozy "room" where socialization is spontaneous and natural and which is transferable to the outside world, a privileged observatory from which to look at the world and decipher it, break it down, color it. Always.

The Factory offers educational-creative workshops, Painting courses, photography courses, educational projects for schools, summer camps.

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