Participatory Land Art Workshop "Migrations"

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Participatory Land Art Workshop "Migrations" 

Edited by Michele Iodice 


"Living Together" is the title of one of Roland Barthes' last courses at the Collège de France. Formulated as a question, that title concerns us very closely. Old forms of living together have disappeared, for example, the large ubiquitous and formative family of my childhood, and new forms are sought using or transforming modern concepts and words such as intimacy, privateness, autonomy, or words reactivated by anthropological and ethnographic reflections,such as nomadism, precarity, bricolage, reuse. The contradictory desire, which nags at us, is that of a "loose" bond. A bond that can be repeated and found again, when one has the desire or the need, but that formulates no criteria of compulsoriness: a skillful slalom between solitude and sociality. The nest is an ideal form and image from which a meaningful reflection can begin. It is protective but temporary; it is intimate but can be used, later, by many; it is an embryo of a home, but has none of its seclusion; it is an identified space but is transportable; it can be built, anywhere, with what is at hand; it is serial but is marked, in ever-changing ways, by materials and use. In short, the nest brings together - like certain poor and spontaneous architectures - necessity, imagination and individual skill. These last words might also define, for now, the nest artist: migrating, too, from an omnivorous neo-baroque to the thinness of a circumstantial utopia.

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