The Synergistic Garden


"The Synergistic Garden. A Budding Gardener's Guide to Rediscovering the Gifts of the Earth" by Marina Ferrara published by Age of Aquarius is presented at the Q.I.

Synergistic farming is a form of natural cultivation that, going even beyond the prescriptions of the organic method, aims to restore the balance and natural synergy between soil, plants, fauna, microfauna, and even individuals in our garden.

These synergies ensure lasting fertility to the soil, respect for the land and those who work it, judicious use of natural resources, and accommodation for insects and animals.

In this book Marina Ferrara introduces us to the creation and care of a vegetable garden according to this methodology.

The text is divided into two sections:

  In the first, more theoretical part, the good practice of a vegetable garden is framed within a broader proposal for a return to the land, from the perspective of degrowth, collective exercise, rediscovery of the value of biodiversity, and critical consumption.

  The second part, on the other hand, offers a real handbook for setting up an ortho-synergist, also introducing some permaculture practices and ancient knowledge of traditional farmers.

In particular, all practical aspects of synergistic farming are analyzed: from the construction of raised beds to the implementation of drip planting, from mulching to crop placement, from intercropping to rotations.

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