"A form of active meditation from which springs a manual for survival in the age of transition."

Maria Luisa Agnese, Io Donna

"Less waste, more empathy. Ten right steps for sustainable living."

Leonard Berberi, Corriere della Sera

"He is among the prophets of the slow efficiency movement, that is, doing oche things but doing them well."

Marino Niola, il Venerdì

Thursday, December 4, 7 p.m.

"A passo leggero," published by Bompiani, tells small stories, encounters, and experiences that touch every aspect of our living. It talks about eco-sustainability and waste, wild farming and GMOs, the use and abuse of the web, how technologies are changing us, but also about kindness and the quality of minimal gestures.

Author Cristina Gabetti will dialogue with the audience along with Silvio Perrella, writer and literary critic, Luciano Stella, film distributor and promoter of cultural initiatives such as "The Art of Happiness," "Napoli Film Festival" and "Mad Fest" and Alessandro Rak, Neapolitan author and director, "The Art of Happiness" is his first animated feature film.

The conversation, at the heart of the book, is full of surprises and confirmations. At a Light Step opens up questions that tend the reader cues to choose new paths. And artist Ramuntcho Matta's drawings lengthen the stride by acting on the unconscious and imagination. The book draws from the column of the same name that the author has been writing since 2012 in the summer pages of Corriere della Sera. The metaphorical walks, filled with a wisdom within the reach of each of us, never lose sight of the intent to "regenerate to become regenerative," drawing energy from the sources of infinite potential in which we are immersed. 

Cristina meanwhile regenerated at Singularity University where they teach about understanding the exponential dynamics of technological development and the disruptive effects it will have on our lives. She interviewed top experts in the field, visited some start-ups, entrepreneurs applying new technologies to solve humanity's grand challenges. The chronicles of this trip gave birth to Eye on the Future, Cristina's new column on Striscia la notizia. Back from the future, she is even more convinced that if we are not to be overwhelmed by the changes taking place, we must practice daily to connect consciousness to our choices and actions. Never before has our human identity asked to be recognized and protected, and A Passo Leggero invites just that.

Projections of the drawings of Ramuntcho Matta

Aperitivo Bio with Adduovà

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