Debate "Clean energy for a smart city"

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To encourage moments of participation and, at the same time, offer tools for reflection that can help activate citizens' protagonism and push them out of a waiting dimension.

Among those present at the debate: Carmine Maturo - Coordinator Green Italia Campania ; Antonio Risi - Association demA ; Andrea Poggio - Author of the book Sustainable city and eco-neighborhoods - Deputy director Legambiente ; Stefano Consiglio University Federico Secondo - Scientific head of the project Orchestra smart city ; Raffaele del Giudice - President Asia Napoli ; Tommaso Sodano - Councillor for the Environment and Deputy Mayor of the City of Naples ; Marco Fratoddi - Director of La Nuova Ecologia ; Massimo Bruno - Head of External Relations ENEL ; Roberto Pagani - Polytechnic of Turin - Smart City Kyoto Club ; Sara Romano - General Director Mise ; Francesco Ferrante - Co-founder of Green Italia ; Luigi De Magistris Mayor of Naples.

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