Rosy Rox - Monument of Passage

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Edited by Adriana Rispoli

Monumento di Passaggio is Rosy Rox's performance created for the Intelligent Neighborhood in Naples and the closing event of May of Monuments 2015.

Rosy Rox's work - with a strong autobiographical matrix - is characterized by the use of her own body and then extends to the symbols and metaphors related to it. Starting from themes ascribable to female identity, in which the body becomes an instrument of investigation of memory and experience, the artist returns a fragmented universe, suspended between aggression and seduction, lust and innocence. The staircase, a universal symbol, a place suspended between the material and the immaterial, between ascending and descending, between progress and regress, between evolution and involution, is the "stage" chosen by the artist in a cathartic act. A "wound" of the city, metaphorical as well as physically topographical, which Rosy Rox invites us to walk through intimately and then conclude with a grand collective gesture. The fragile traces of the artist's passage, which contrast with the semantic and semiotic monumentality of the staircase, become signs of an existential path made of ties that break, detachments necessary to live: losing in order to find something again. The 'investigation of the condition of man, which has always been central to his work, permeates in the transit, in the crossing, a method of reflection for the reading of individual fragments whose whole - as in history - evokes and manifests itself in the whole. The artist's body from organic body becomes social body, not only for the value of mimesis and privileged instrument of knowledge of reality that encompasses the micro and the macro, but rather as an element of collective, social cognition and existential experience. Always hovering between the heroic and the heretical, between death and rebirth, the sacredness of the spirit and the profanity of the body, Rosy Rox faces for the first time a performance in urban space, activating a city wound and "staging" the encounter between the self and the other. 

Rosy Rox is a visual artist born in Naples in 1976, where she lives and works. Sculpture, installation and performance are the main languages used in her artistic research. Since 2015 she has been teaching Performing Techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and since 2011 she has been working on the in-progress participatory project "il dono" (the gift), which, with the involvement of different social realities, combines and elaborates the relationship between experience and art. In 2012 he won the prize "Un'opera per il Castello" with which he created the permanent work Tempo Interiore, reactivating in his very personal vision the ancient clock of the Piazza d'Armi and giving it back an unconventional time that short-circuits past, present and future. His works can be found in numerous public and private collections including: VAF Foundation-Germany; PaBAAC, Mibac-Italy; Museum Biedermann, Germany, Collection Alain Servais, Belgium, Sana Quisisarni New York, Ernesto Esposito, Naples. Recent performances include: Con-Tatto, Byblos Art Hotel |Villa Amistà, Verona (2015); La Robe Museo MADRE, Naples (2012), Please return to you, CIAC Centro Internazionale per l'Arte contemporanea, Rome (2011). The performance Monument of Passage is included in the Maggio dei Monumenti program promoted by the Department of Culture of the City of Naples, is made in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples and enjoys the matronage of the DonnaRegina Foundation for Contemporary Arts.The performance was made possible thanks to the contribution of Goethe Institut and Metropolitana di Napoli and the technical support of Chimpex Industriale Spa, A.Re.N, TULINO, Digigra.

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