Processing + Digital Fabrication – NAPOLI – 11.12.13 LUGLIO


Processing + Digital Fabrication – NAPOLI – 11.12.13 LUGLIO

Processing Workshop + Experimental 3Dprinting beginner/intermediate level



[.] Brief

The three-day workshop is designed for an introduction to generative design through the use of Processing software and will focus on the production of physical prototypes using numerically controlled machines (particularly FDM 3D printers). During the workshop, the logic of Object-oriented Programming will be explored as a paradigm through which to explore the emergent effects of complex systems defined by the interaction of multiple elements.

Starting with a discussion of basic programming structures, the workshop will get to covering dynamic simulations such as particle systems and multi-agents systems.

The workshop will introduce participants to unconventional 3D printing techniques, characterized by the ability to directly describe machine paths, speeds and extrusion flows via Gcode generation from Processing.

[.] Program in detail

Introduzione generale

     . introduzione al generative design e alla fabbricazione digitale

Introduzione a Processing

     . logiche base della programmazione orientata agli oggetti

     . interfaccia e gestione del progetto


     . variabili

     . operatori

     . loops

     . conditional statements

     . funzioni

     . arrays

     . classi

Utilizzo di librerie esterne

     . peasycam

     . controlP5

     . toxiclibs


     . progettazione di oggetti 3D

     . generazione di files Gcode

     . prototipazione tramite FDM 3D printer

[.] Tutor:

Tommaso Casucci (Co-de-iT, synthetic morphologies)

[.] Dove

Quartiere Intelligente, Napoli

[.] Orario

9:00-13:00  and 14:00-18:00

[.] Requirements

Participants will be sent specific instructions on how to download and install the software and libraries used during the workshop. Participants should have their own laptops with preinstalled software. No prior knowledge of Processing software or experience in manufacturing using CNC machines is necessary.

[.] Info, costi & iscrizioni

La quota di iscrizione al corso è di 300 € + IVA ( 250 € + IVA studenti )( 220 € + IVA earlybird)

Le iscrizioni scadono il  16 /06/ 2014 ( 31/05/-14 earlybird).  Il workshop sarà attivato con un minimo di 10 iscritti.

Per ulteriori informazioni:  333-6928976

Per iscrizioni scrivere a:

[.] Organized by

Questo workshop è organizzato da Quartiere Intelligente, Napoli in collaborazione con synthetic morphologies e WASPproject

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