Naples Staircase Festival - Climate Party

festival scale napoli

There is a different climate along the Naples stairs is the 11th edition of the Festival. The staircase narrative was placed side by side with the climate theme to reflect, in different ways suitable for everyone, on the major issues of climate change and sustainability.

The Quartiere intelligente at the preview hosted the Climate Party by the Coordinamento Scale di Napoli with the participation of the Ambasciatori dell’European Climate Pact. Festival, focuses on the cultural enhancement and re-functionalization of the heritage of staircases and stairways that are an integral part of the urban fabric of Naples.

There are more than 200 paths including steps, ramps, stairs and stairways that cross Naples obliquely, marking the territory. The Naples Staircase Festival is a true civic festival, born from below, which aims to recognize the Neapolitan staircases as a strong identity element of the city not only from a geographic-environmental point of view but also from a cultural and landscape point of view.

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