Bagarija Orkestar – Live at Quartiere Intelligente

Bagarija Orkestar

Original Balkan-Napolitan fanfare as part of the review 7 GRADI by Massimiliano Sacchi for the 15th edition of the Campania Teatro Festival at Quartiere Intelligente.

Fearless, wind and percussion band, was born in 2018 from the cosmopolitan heart of Napoli, drawing inspiration from fanfares from Serbia, Macedonia, Romania and Turkey. The Bagarija aims to recreate that atmosphere of liberating collective magic characteristic of Balkan festivals, while at the same time keeping its roots firmly in place through the grafting of the musical tradition in which the city is immensely rich, without prejudice of any kind, drawing from the cultured and hallowed song to the point of fusing the so-called neo-melodic genre with typical Bulgarian odd rhythms.

With: Sergio Di Leo - sax and clarinet, Joe Zerbib - trombone, Ciro Riccardi - euphonium, Marcello Squillante - voice and accordion, Antonio Anastasia - darbuka, Cristiano Della Monica - tapan.

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