Sugomania performance by Edgar Honetschläger

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Sugomania performance by Edgar Honetschläger on September 26 and 27, 2020
GoBugsGo_Sugomania, presented in Italy for the first time at the Quartiere Intelligente, is a two-day collective performance in which the artist "alchemist" together with the audience prepared tomato purees, as in the best Neapolitan tradition. The special preserves packed by the artist with the help of the performance participants were an incentive for new members (BUGGIES) to join to fund the NGO Gobugsgo -

Funds raised will be donated to set up a NON HUMAN ZONE. i.e., a plot of land to be returned to nature. An agreement with the Capodimonte Museum and Real Bosco for the first NON HUMAN ZONE in Naples is being finalized.

GoBugsGo, much like the Smart Neighborhood, aims to establish a bridge and connection between the arts and nature. GoBugsGo is not only limited to developing a greater awareness within the arts community about the need to preserve nature, but beyond its political aspect, it aims for a common effort in defining it as an art project by an individual artist-a goal for evolution, a new and future step in art. Our society unequivocally protects art. If the Taliban in Afghanistan blow up ancient Buddha statues we are in shock, same thing if tourists vandalize Italian Renaissance statues. ....What if, as Marcel Duchamp did with objet trouvé, an artist declared that a piece of land is art? Our society does not protect the natural world because nature is non-civilization. What if an artist declared that a piece of the natural world is art -- a living sculpture in constant evolution? Should it enjoy the same protection as all cultural property? GoBugsGo protects nature through collective action, artist Edgar Honetschläger protects it by declaring it culture.". (E.H.)

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